Our Story

In 2020, at the age of 44, I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast Cancer. The double whammy of cancer and lockdown meant that, instead of packing a bag and travelling to work, I was packing a bag for chemotherapy and the many hospital appointments which were to dominate my life for the next year.

I’ve always loved fashion, so I responded to my diagnosis by embarking on some retail therapy with a friend.

As she handed me a beautiful sage green bag to use for my hospital treatments, my friend said: “Now you will always have a part of me when you walk into that chemo ward, and you’ll know you’ve got this!”

Recovering from chemo, I found my wrists were sore and tender each time I picked up my bag or tried to retrieve the things I needed.

But whenever I looked at that bag, I thought of my friend and her words of encouragement, and it lifted my spirts just enough!

So, I began to imagine my beautiful sage bag adapted for other people going through treatment.

And because I’d spent twenty years sourcing and developing value-driven fashion, accessories and homeware products, I used my expertise to create this gift, for you or for a loved-one: a beautiful, quality bag that’s well designed, practical, and affordable.

It’s a gift you can take with you to treatment, and it keeps on being kind to you throughout, with its clever design and personalised message reminding you that you’re never alone!

That beautiful sage bag saw me through many tough times.

I hope Pastiche Bags can do the same for you or your loved one, and that you too can “carry the love”.

Picture of the founder of Pastiche Bags
Leather bag with pockets