I run you , Cancer , you don’t run me !

1st run back … 

19 July 2021 – “Freedom Day” the papers are calling it, thanks to Covid. But it is Freedom Day for me for another reason – now I have completed my chemo and mastectomy. I am going to run again!  

Running soothes my soul and my anxiety, and it feeds my creativity.Basically it keeps me sane.  

I run to clear my head and my body gets the benefit!  

I ran twice, the 3rd week after round 1 of chemo. It was really slow and tough going, and I was overtaken by a granny on the way down hill. That did nothing for my self-esteem, even if I was on chemo!  

The grind

Round 2 of chemo was one of my worst and there was no more running for me till today. I switched to walking with a friend and drinking coffee – the best substitute I could find, but walking doesn’t feed my creativity or preserve my sanity.  

I feel very lopsided with my single mastectomy and my arm does not have full mobility after the lymph node removal, but I give it a go.  

I run you Cancer , you dont run me .So, I set off on a walk/run! Only managed 2kms and 8 mins a km – tortoise pace, but I ran and that was good for the head! 

My arm moved well considering I am 6 weeks post op, my joints eased up a bit as I went on. The only let down was my breathing – my chest battled .The antibody treatment affects my lungs, and I just ran out of puff.  

But my lungs can be trained, and I am not going to walk till the end of January, when the antibody treatment is done. So, in a few days I will run again.  

My motto throughout this journey is “I run Cancer, it doesn’t run me!”

Today is a great example of that!!!!