Screw you cancer … I just ran again !

1 November 2021, running with Cancer

Today I felt the first glimmers of being a runner again!  

Before cancer, my easy running route was a stretch through the park, up a fairly steep hill and downhill on the way home. It is very hilly though, and with all my walking through chemo I never even contemplated that route.  

Today, I ran it all, albeit very slow. I was just a slow and steady tortoise, and my mind feels so much better for it!  

Treatment Looming

With phesgo treatment tomorrow again, I am starting the week running cancer!  

This is a tough week for the soul, so after a depressing day of bloods and Covid swabs I am really happy today. 

I now, finally, think I can run again, and it’s an amazing feeling. I feel like a small part of me is back!  

I read an article yesterday that said you can never go back to who you were before cancer, too much has changed, but today I feel like I am starting to move forward even if it’s at a snail’s pace.  

Here goes the snail……..!