The story of Pastiche

Hi , my name is Ang and I’m a cancer survivor. Cancer is very lonely. For all the love and support you receive, at the end of the day you are the sick one, and you live treatment to treatment.

The Reason

As a practical person I like to fix things. Obviously I couldn’t fix cancer, so I embarked on some good-old fashioned retail therapy with a friend. I was looking for a bag that would contain everything I needed for chemotherapy. That meant being watered, fed and entertained for eight or nine hours in the ward, so my friend bought me a beautiful, colourful bag and told me “Now I’ll be by your side every time you walk through that door. And I’ll be saying “You’ve got this !” Little did I know how helpful those words, and that bag, would be as I went through seemingly endless treatments. It was the most thoughtful gift possible and helped me get through to the other side.

The Why

One of the hardest side effects to manage was the soreness of my wrists. They took a beating each time those lifesaving drugs entered my body. After my third round of chemo, I was lying in bed rummaging through the bag my friend had given me ,when an idea struck me: What if I could create a bag that not only put some colour back into those grey days of chemo, but would carry a message of love inside it?

And this was how the Pastiche Bag was born. The idea has sustained me through the last six months of treatment. Its become a labour of love. While lying in bed, I’ve travelled the globe designing, sourcing materials and contacting factories that would bring this idea to life. A bag that carries a personal message stitched into it. You carry that message with you – you carry the love. And with each bag sold, a donation goes to Cancer Research UK, carrying the love to more people.

My view on life now is different. Things I took for granted, like reading a story to my daughter have become a privilege. I’m grateful to everyone who’s been part of this journey and for the strength, bravery and insight that cancer has given me.

May you all carry the love with you ……..

Picture of the founder of Pastiche Bags