Oops! I almost forgot my boob

Since I have become a “single breasted lady”, there’s an extra item I need to remember each time I leave the house – my boob!

Simple checklist – phone, car keys, wallet, boob! Don’t forget the boob!

This week, after a particularly rough night’s sleep – more like lack of sleep – I was getting ready for work and was a bit remiss and didn’t pop my boob in as I got dressed.I carried on with getting ready and as I picked up my coffee to leave I felt the left side of me was very light! Shoot I had forgotten my boob. Now my husband has seen me leave the house in a tizz regularly over the past 20 years, but as I got into the car I thought WTF!

I was mortified. What if I had got all the way to work? I would never walk in with the left side empty, I would have to circle back.

I wondered if I should put a checklist on the fridge or front door with a boob on it! The things we take for granted! I bet most of you never thought “I am grateful I have 2 x healthy boobs!

I have started swimming – well I don’t think swimmers would call it that – I get in the water and fight with it from one side to the other.

That’s a checklist

  • Boob
  • Sports bra to hold boob in place
  • Swimsuit
  • T shirt to disguise what’s going on underneath

And off I thrash, from one end to the other. Maybe there’s a theme through all of this – there is no gliding through cancer and its aftereffects. it’s all about a checklist and trying to stay afloat.