Cancer recurrance- how do I improve my chances?

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I made the decision that I would throw everything I possibly could at it and come out the other side and reduce my chances of cancer recurrance.As I have mentioned before, I have mantras that got me through, but on top of the mantras I also have a policy – THE SCORCHED EARTH POLICY. As I progressed through treatment, I made the decision I would follow the most radical option in the hope that I would not have to repeat this journey and would reduce my chance of cancer recurrence.

I have tried so hard to keep it together mentally and not be a victim of cancer. It’s been a great lesson in self-belief, and how following the treatment path and sheer determination can get you to the other side and put your mind at ease for cancer recurrance.

You aren’t offered too many options when it comes to treatment, but I wanted to know that if this cancer came back, it wasn’t because I took an easier route that might have left a tiny cancer cell lurking in my body. Scorched earth policy – blitz the fuckers!!!

And that’s what I have done. I opted for full lymph node removal, 15 rounds of radiotherapy instead of 5, and now I want to remove my other breast, reducing the chances of recurrence.

Having this policy has, to a great extent, meant that decisions have been easier – if I am following the scorched earth policy, then that only leaves one option at the end of the day.

Now that I am embarking on reconstruction, the scorched earth policy ends with the removal of my right breast – there’s no policy that helps with the choice of whether to reconstruct or not. Can I wrap my head around the fact that I have a choice here and no scorched earth policy is going to do it for me? Only time will tell.