Coppafeel & Get checked …breast cancer awareness

With it being breast cancer awareness month, I feel I should write about my diagnosis and our mind’s ability to shield us. I have mentioned a few times how cancer is a mental game. Well, I initially began with a game of poker. I carried a great poker face from May when I discovered the […]

Oops! I almost forgot my boob

Since I have become a “single breasted lady”, there’s an extra item I need to remember each time I leave the house – my boob! Simple checklist – phone, car keys, wallet, boob! Don’t forget the boob! This week, after a particularly rough night’s sleep – more like lack of sleep – I was getting […]

Just want to get it off my chest …

The reality of a mastectomy …My silicone boob(prosthesis) is so heavy – it’s weighing me down both mentally and emotionally!!! URGHHHHHH!!! Wear the foam one you will all be saying – I do, but I am conscious that it lifts and looks uneven. So I must decide: do I go out confident and take the […]

Cancer recurrance- how do I improve my chances?

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I made the decision that I would throw everything I possibly could at it and come out the other side and reduce my chances of cancer recurrance.As I have mentioned before, I have mantras that got me through, but on top of the mantras I also have a […]

The Cancer Slow Train

The best way I describe my cancer journey is through a train ride. Years ago when I was travelling for work,I boarded a train in Saharanpur in India and there were passengers on that train that would be there for 2 days before they reached their destinations. The Cancer journey reminds me of that train. […]

How to survive the “Cold cap”

I have always had very fine hair, and there’s never been much of it, so when I received my breast cancer diagnosis I immediately worried that what little hair I had would soon disappear. My oncologist mentioned that ‘the cold cap’ could help with this, when she went through a seemingly endless list of side […]

Screw you cancer … I just ran again !

1 November 2021, running with Cancer Today I felt the first glimmers of being a runner again!   Before cancer, my easy running route was a stretch through the park, up a fairly steep hill and downhill on the way home. It is very hilly though, and with all my walking through chemo I never […]

This run is for you Deborah James,@bowelbabe

Today, I ran 5kms – my usual route pre-cancer, but my challenging route post-cancer. As I ran, I listened to Deborah’s last You, Me & the Big C podcast. I usually stop at the bottom of the hill, but today the hill is for you! I discovered this podcast when I was diagnosed with breast […]

I run you , Cancer , you don’t run me !

1st run back …  19 July 2021 – “Freedom Day” the papers are calling it, thanks to Covid. But it is Freedom Day for me for another reason – now I have completed my chemo and mastectomy. I am going to run again!   Running soothes my soul and my anxiety, and it feeds my creativity.Basically […]

The 3 motto’s that got me through Cancer ..

When I was diagnosed with cancer, I thought I was strong mentally … now I know I am! I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer at the age of 44. My treatment plan was six rounds of chemo with immunotherapy, then surgery, followed by radiotherapy, and then 12 more rounds of immunotherapy to give […]